About Us

Who are we?

Channel Growth is a Texas based company focused on generating new business for our clients. We do this through b2b prospecting and sales consulting with on-demand marketing, prospecting, and sales teams. Our mission is to fit into each team that engages us to enhance and optimize their sales operations.

What verticals do we serve?

While we are open to discussing ways in which we can fit into any team, the areas in which we’ve had the most success include:

  • E-commerce / Retail
  • Restaurant tech
  • Local services tech
  • Consultants

What are our acquisition channels?

The primary acquisition channels we focus on are:

  • LinkedIn
  • Warm/Cold Calling
  • Email

Our vision

For every startup to realize their full potential, by making sure great new innovations are supplied to the right customers in the right place at the right time.